End of the Year Class Compliments {FREE!}

The end of the year is the perfect time to reinforce the classroom community you’ve worked so hard to build. I think kids need a lot of time to reflect on their year – their growth, progress, and the relationships they’ve developed with their classmates. 
I wanted to give my own students a way to share their favorite things about each other and create an easy but super meaningful parting gift for one another. I’ve used “class compliments” as a holiday gift before, and it was so successful that I decided I’d do it for the end of the year as well. 

More information and a link to download it after the jump!

My students and I review how to give a good compliment:

Then we generate a list of character traits that we can use to compliment each other. After we create our own on chart paper, I pass out these charts for students to take back to their seats. If they’ve thought of more, they can add them to the back. We talk about how a really great compliment is about the person on the INSIDE, rather than the outside. Sure, it’s nice to tell people you like their shoes or you think they’re pretty, but it’s even nicer to comment on character traits.


Then, students get to work writing compliments to each and every one of their classmates. It’s a really nice way to spend an afternoon or two – I put the music on in the background and let the kids enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings that come from making others feel good. 🙂

 After the students have all finished their compliments, I enlist a few of them to help me collate them. This is the most labor intensive part, but definitely worth it in the end. This would also be a great job for a parent volunteer if you have any. Each student’s compliments get slipped into a manilla envelope with a cover on the front. Hand them out on the last day of school and make sure there’s no peeking! Students will cherish their classmates’ words for years to come!

These pages are all available for free at my TpT store! Just click the pic below to download your copy!


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      That’s too funny! It would be great for Valentine’s Day – I just checked out your post and love how you type them all up on one page! What a special keepsake for students. 🙂


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