3rd Grade Math Centers – 3.OA.4 & 3.OA.5

I am a huge fan of utilizing centers, especially in math. Centers make it so much easier to continually spiral back to previously taught concepts and reinforce essential skills that may not be the focus of the daily math lesson. As we get closer to testing season, I think this becomes especially important.
I created this set of centers aligned to the 3rd grade Common Core standards and I have been able to use it constantly – it’s such a great tool to pull out at any time of the year, and comes in especially handy as we barrel towards the capital-T Test.
3rd Grade Math Center Bundle
Jamie from a Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher sent me this pictures of her kiddos using the center activities from the Operations and Algebraic Thinking Pack.
3.OA.5 Expression Concentration
First of all, you KNOW I fully approve of center activities printed on neon paper. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Life is better in neon. Jamie used the multiplication properties card from the 3.OA.5 centers to create a concentration-style matching game. So fun!
3.OA.5 Expression Concentration
I like to print out multiple copies of each center so that several groups can play at the same time – I love the idea to print out each set on a different color so that there is no guesswork involved in keeping them organized.
3.OA.5 Expression Concentration
The next pictures are from the Missing Number Bingo game aligned with 3.OA.4. This skill is one of those that so many 3rd graders really need constant practice with. I know my own kiddos have a tendency to ignore the placement of the equal sign and just multiply whatever numbers they see together. Consistent reinforcement of dealing with missing numbers in any location really helps them better understand the true meaning of the equal sign and gain confidence with this skill.
3.OA.4 Missing Number Bingo
Students play the bingo game in partners. Each partner rolls the die and finds an equation that the number rolled will complete.
3.OA.4 Missing Number Bingo
I am OBSESSED with how Jamie organized this game – see how she put the bingo cards in page protectors and then just flips open the binder?! Genius!!! Sometimes the simplest little ideas are the ones that really blow my mind. I consider myself a creative gal, but let’s just say I don’t win many awards for my organizational prowess. (See this post from Jamie’s blog for more ideas on how binders can save the world – or at least help you organize your classroom.) This is a system even I could handle!!
3.OA.4 Missing Number Bingo

The page protectors can also be pulled out while students play and then popped back into the binders for storage. Easy-peasy!

3.OA.4 Missing Number Bingo

I love seeing how other people are utilizing my materials – it’s so fun to see them in action and I always get new ideas to try out myself! 
You can check out the Operations and Algebraic Thinking Center Pack these activities came from by clicking here or on the picture below.

3rd Grade Math Centers OA
If you want to see the full set, just click here or on the picture below to find them in my TpT store.
3rd Grade Test Prep Math Centers
If you have photos of any of my activities being used in your classroom, feel free to email them to me at TeamTurnerBKT@gmail.com – I’d puffy-heart love to see them!
Happy Teaching!


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