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I know I’ve said it a million times (like here, here, here, and here), but I puffy-heart L.O.V.E. interactive notebooks. I haven’t made any in awhile….which is weird for me. Feels like something is missing from my life. #inbwithdrawlNow, one thing I don’t necessarily puffy-heart love is test prep. I know it’s part of the deal in our gig, but I don’t think anyone goes into teaching thinking, “MAN, I just can’t WAIT to try to cram in a bunch of review in anticipation of standardized testing! That sounds like an amazing time! I will change the world!” I mean….meh.Interactive notebooks are my ticket to test prep survival – both for the kiddos and for myself. They are engaging, they are fun, they are hands-on, and they really, really work. I have tons and tons of materials in my 3rd grade interactive notebook mega-bundle, but I wanted to create a set of QUICK, low-prep INB activities to help us easily review each and every Common Core standard. So, I decided to make a brand new set of INB goodies for 3rd grade. Since I am making these as we speak (or rather, as I type), I figured they would be the perfect “theme” for my March Just Print Club.I am so excited about how they are coming along! The activities complement the work we’ve already done in our interactive notebooks using materials from my mega-bundle, but they are totally different and new. Sometimes when you’ve worked with the same standards for soooo many hours (and hours…and hours) you can sort of get stuck in a rut in how you approach them. So, I’m really excited about this pack, because it tackles each standard with a slightly different spin – which I know will benefit both my students AND me!
The March Just Print Club currently includes activities for all of the Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, and Geometry standards. I’ll be adding the Numbers and Operations – Fractions and Measurement and Data standards throughout the month, as they are completed. I really want to keep this pack simple and user-friendly – I want to be able to get to it all in preparation for the test! So most standards just have one low-prep INB activity that serves as a quick refresher. For complex and multi-part standards, I’ll be making a couple of different activities to make sure we review it with enough rigor to match what we’ll be seeing on the PARCC.
As always, directions and photographs are included for each activity…
The March Just Print Club will be a little bit different than the January and February versions – but not too much. You can read the information below for all the important details about how the “club” works.

Like I said above, the activities in this pack are totally different than the ones included in my 3rd grade INB mega-bundle. It makes the perfect companion pack, but there are no overlapping pages or activities. You can find the March Just Print Club: Interactive Notebook Test Prep in my store by clicking here.
You can also still find the January and February clubs – I’m getting a TON of use out of both of these packs with my kiddos. Click on the pictures below to find them in my TpT store.
Just Print January
Just Print February
Thanks so much for popping by the blog today! Happy teaching – and testing! 😉


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