34 Signs You’re a Type B Teacher

Are you a fellow Type B Teacher? I recently started a second instagram account called @TeacherTroubles where I’m meme-ifying all those things you always thought were “just you”. These memes all come from that account, so make sure to follow me on instagram if you like this post. (There’s also a Teacher Troubles Facebook page!)

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

34 signs you might be a Type B Teacher:

  1. You basically never have a working marker. Sure, you could develop a system to periodically check the status of the markers. Sure, you could make “marker checker” one of your classroom jobs. Sure, you could throw away the markers that don’t work immediately. OR! You could just put it down in the exact same spot and do the exact same thing the next day.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

2. Your typical weekend looks a little something like this….

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher


3. You make a lot of resolutions in August to be more organized.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher


4. You know when to choose your battles, and when to adjust accordingly.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

5. You’ve admitted defeat in the war against the pencils.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

6. You don’t always make your copies weeks ahead of time, but when you do…they’re often the wrong ones.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

7. Dude….where’s my phone?

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

8. You go hard with the copy quota at the beginning of the year, and figure you’ll probably “be fine”.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

9. Getting everything done before school is an Olympic sport….and you don’t always medal.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

10. Your time management skills are….let’s just say you have other strengths.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher


11. You know that appearances can be deceiving – a teacher’s effectiveness isn’t measured in bulletin board quality.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher


12. This is your story and you’re sticking to it…

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

13. No matter how long you’ve been teaching, nothing ever takes as much or as little time as you thought it would.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

14. You “get” your students.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

15. You’re still fighting that pencil war…

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

16. You have a million things going on at any given time.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

17. Amazing learning happens in your classroom….but it’s often molting.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher


18. Your car is overflowing with junk.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

19. Your Pinterest-inspired projects never seem to turn out like the pictures.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

20. Comfort trumps style.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

21. This happens pretty much every week…

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

22. If making illegal copies was a jail-able offense, you’d be facing a life sentence.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

23. You’re pretty sure there must be some mistake….report cards are due AGAIN?!

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

24. You’ve never been there….but you imagine it’s magical.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

25. You don’t have time for chit-chat during prep. How is Shirley done with everything???

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

26. You’re not a fan of pants that button.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

27. You never remember to bring a back-up outfit.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

28. You’re the queen of rolling with the punches and adapt quickly. The only thing that would shock you is if things DID go exactly according to plan.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

29. You’ve been there…

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

30. You lost your to-do list, so you’re not suuuuuuper sure you didn’t have something crucial to accomplish today.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

31. Falling asleep at appropriate times is a challenge.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

32. You’ve pretty much given up on trying to change the calendar numbers on time.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

33. You aren’t 100% sure what color your desk is.

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

34. But this is what you typically find inside and on top of it….

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher


Are YOU a fellow Type B Teacher?! If so, high fives. We’re pretty cool. Make sure to follow @TeacherTroubles on Instagram and on Facebook for daily laughs, snorts, and “that’s so me” moments. 😉


  1. Sarah says

    Finally! Another teacher like me! Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone in my unorganized, procrastinating world. Loved the list!

    • Betty says

      I honestly hope you are not a teacher! Learning to use “their” and “they’re” correctly is so basic, there is no excuse for misusing them! THEIR shows ownership, as in their house. THEY’RE (a contraction) means THEY ARE as in “they’re like me.”

        • Kelsey says

          @ Betty- clearly you are a Type A person! Rather than point out “mistakes” like they are a “bad” thing, embrace them as a teaching moment, in a nice way of course! EVERYONE makes mistakes, yes, even teachers! Get over it!

          BTW, LOVED the article! I could SO relate!

  2. Jenn says

    I literally laughed out loud with tears running down my cheeks when I hit #27 on!!! Thanks for the reality check!! And laughs of understanding my fellow B’s!!!

  3. Melissa Thibodeaux says

    Love, love, love this!!! It is totally me, and probably all the other million + of us!!! Thanks for bring laughter!!! 🙂

  4. Verleeta Wooten says

    Been there, done all that…Thank God I’m retired. Oh and I’VE got the tee shirt…well it is somewhere. I think my desk ate it.

  5. Darlene says

    I am not the worst teacher in the history of teachers. I work with a team of A type teachers and I was beginning to wonder

  6. Maria Salas says

    I am laughing and not because it’s 4 AM in the morning, but because this is so true on so many levels. Thanks for sharing some teaching truths!

  7. Monica says

    You are amazing! I just used one of your activities on TPT, and now, here I find you on Pinterest with the funniest postings I have seen in a while! I, too, am glad I am not alone! I especially loved the one about using the day planner as a mousepad and a coaster!

  8. says

    The best lesson a retired type B teacher taught me was the night is open house put all the piles on your desk into a big box and hide the box, in your car if you need to. Type B clean desk win!! I love these!!!

    • PD says

      Yes! I do this but then suddenly it’s Christmas, Easter, JUNE abd you find THAT box…sigh. The struggle is real. Thank you for helping me to realize that there are many like me and we are OKAY.

      • Leslie L. says

        I find the box when I go to set up my class the following year. The question I have is this: After 20 years of teaching, what do I do with all these boxes?! Thank you for posting these things–I thought there was something wrong with me and I’m an unfit teacher. ( Another question: How come other teachers leave 10 minutes after the kids go home and I’m there long after dark. It is late on Saturday night right now and the pile I brought home hasn’t been touched. Sigh.)

  9. Sandy says

    Thanks! I have gotten used to my TYPE B-ness over the years, and even learned to embrace it, because I see more creativity and ability to adapt and change in myself than some of my other colleagues. HOWEVER, the biggest obstacle to being a Type B teacher, has GOT to be the TYPE A ADMINISTRATOR! I do not do schedules, procedures and order well, but I am a good teacher! I have had both A and B ADMINS, the B’s usually get it…..the A’s struggle. I will have to keep a copy of this to share with them! LOL!

  10. Sherry says

    I also am a Type B teacher on a hall with Type A teachers. After 30 years, I figure it is too late to change. So I just close my door and say, “There’s always tomorrow.”

  11. Laura says

    Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! Number 11 is sooo me! Of course, after all these years in the classroom I learned to put up a bulletin board that doesn’t need changing and I “decorate” my room seasonally by the color of the marker that I use to write the date on the board! My students would try to guess what color I would use for each month. Fun times!

  12. says

    I cannot tell you how all of these quotes fit me. When I showed it a great friend (who doesn’t teach) she smiled politely and handed me a kleenex because I was LMAO! Thanks so much for putting it together!

  13. Megan says

    I’m type A (mostly) but I can identify with a lot of these! My students asked me “why don’t you ever change the calendar,” and my answer was “I don’t really want to anymore.” Two of my students put themselves in charge of it…

    • Cheryl says

      I started out doing “Daily News” every day and think I stopped after I hung a chart tablet over it one day (in October – HA!) and then never took it down. The kids would periodically say, “Why don’t we do the Daily News anymore?” “We didn’t do the Daily News since we went on our field trip to the hay maze!” Oh, well… 🙂

  14. Cheryl says

    Thanks for a good, long laugh! This is HILARIOUS…and SO me. I loved #10 & #13 the most, but the whole thing had me rolling.

  15. Maureen Cooney says

    This is me!
    Let’s put it this way; my students learn regardless of all the clutter.
    Admin is moving my room after 10 years of being in the same place. I think this is only so I clean…..

    • says

      HA! Whatever works. 😀 I agree though – old room, new room, perfectly centered bulletin boards, or paper everywhere….good teaching is good teaching. 🙂 Best of luck in your new room this year!

  16. Susan Waldrop says

    To make this complete and accurate list is incredible…..I wish I had the eloquence to put those feelings/actions into words!! I wish I had known I was a ‘type’. I am now retired, and often compared myself to those who seemed to have it all together. I taught 36 years, and always felt I fell short in some area(s). Thanks for the best laugh!

  17. Katie says

    #18 killed me! I read “the majority” of that book this year and I proceeded to tell everyone I knew about how much it was going to change my life! Well along with not finishing the book, I only half finished getting rid of things and stopped with putting my things in piles…

  18. Erika says

    A parent sat at my desk to try and help me retrieve pictures from my Google drive to use in a year end slide show. There wasn’t any room for him to move the mouse…Of course I’m heading into September telling myself this year (25th) will be different. Thanks for making me feel like part of an exclusive group – Super Teachers: Those who can thrive in complete disorganization and chaos.

    • Hooper says

      I have been identified. I am a Type B. Fortunately, the kids still learn. Thank you Jesus!
      I hide everything in my closet and the room looks great. I only clean it out because I don’t want anything to start living in there, lol.

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