10 Fun Emoji Items for Teachers

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I. Love. Emojis. I think there are so many fun ways that teachers can use emoji in the classroom. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite emoji items that I’ve found lately!

10 fun emoji items for teachers to use in the classroom!

  1. Emoji Shoes.

EMOJI SHOES, Y’ALL. They come in 4 colors/emoji styles. The best part – they are $6.87!!! WHAT?!

I am currently debating whether I need more than one pair. The pair in the pic below is my favorite, but the white pair has heart eyes, pizza, and french fries. How is a girl to choose?!? Click {here} to shop them!

10 emoji items for teachers


2. Sunglasses Emoji Backrest

This bright and happy backrest would be so much fun for a classroom library or for a flexible seating option! It’s $12.88 right now, which I think is super reasonable.

Emoji Cool Shades Backrest Pillow

10 emoji items for teachers

3. Emoji Stickers

Can a teacher ever have too many stickers at his or her disposal? I think not. These would be a great way to engage reluctant writers or incorporate into lessons in other ways, as well.

Emoji Sticker Sheet

10 emoji items for teachers

4. Emoji Photo Props

These photo props would be so much fun for a little photo booth at Open House, Back to School Night, or any other special event.

Show your Emojions Photo Props

10 emoji items for teachers

5. Emoji Pillows

I’ve seen a lot of teeeeeny tiny emoji pillows, but these are actually a fairly decent size at 12 x 12 inches. There are 8 in the set.

Emoji Face Pillow Grimacing Face

10 emoji items for teachers

6. Emoji Beanbags

These beanbags would for sure be a popular flexible seating choice! There are 6 to choose from….5 if you don’t want to put a smiling piece of poop in your classroom. Not that the kiddos wouldn’t handle that maturely or anything. 😂💩 These are $18 apiece, a good size, and get great reviews!

GoMoji Bean Bag; Multiple Patterns

10 emoji items for teachers

7. Emoji Paper Plates

These emoji plates would make a super easy and cute addition to a bulletin board – just staple ’em up!

Emoji Dinner Plates, 8 ct

10 emoji items for teachers

8. Emoji Wristbands

If you keep a prize box or ever give out small gifts, these emoji wristbands would no doubt be a popular choice. They are currently $8.95 for a pack of 36.

Emoji Wristbands, Pack of 36

10 emoji items for teachers

9. Emoji Beach Balls

I shared these on my Teacher Troubles Facebook page awhile ago, and teachers had some AWESOME ideas for how to use these in fun and meaningful ways in the classroom. These are 18 inches and come in a pack of 6 for $9.95 or 25 in a pack for $19.95.

Emoji Beach Balls

10 emoji items for teachers

10. Emoji Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are one of those funny, random things that I always found endless uses for in the classroom. I love using them for math scavenger hunts by putting a word problem inside each one. I’ve used them to create matching games – for example, I’ll make sets of expressions that have the same value (like 3 x 5 and 40 – 25) and put them inside the eggs so students have to find a match. Lots of fun things that you can do with these in the classroom! But I have never seen emoji easter eggs before. The future is now, folks.

Emoji Easter Eggs, 24 count

10 emoji items for teachers

So fun, right?!? This is one trend I’m happy to go along with. Yay for emojis!


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