10 Easy Classroom Storage Solutions

Classroom storage solutions

Classroom storage: You can never have too much. (Teacher fact #34529) Here are a few of my favorite storage solutions that I’ve either used myself or spotted recently while aimlessly shopping online doing important research. This post contains affiliate links. Prices are exactly the same for you, but I may receive a small commission if you […]

10 Fun Emoji Items for Teachers

This post contains affiliate links.  I. Love. Emojis. I think there are so many fun ways that teachers can use emoji in the classroom. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite emoji items that I’ve found lately! Emoji Shoes. EMOJI SHOES, Y’ALL. They come in 4 colors/emoji styles. The best part – they are $6.87!!! […]

Be a Bucket Filler

Be a Bucket Filler

Encourage each of your students to be a “bucket filler”! I originally posted this on the Collaborative blog All Things Upper Elementary a couple of years ago. It was written during March, but bucket filling is an amazing tool to use from Day 1 of the school year – or at any point when you […]

34 Signs You’re a Type B Teacher

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

Are you a fellow Type B Teacher? I recently started a second instagram account called @TeacherTroubles where I’m meme-ifying all those things you always thought were “just you”. These memes all come from that account, so make sure to follow me on instagram if you like this post. (There’s also a Teacher Troubles Facebook page!) […]

Supporting Students With Attention and Sensory Needs

As an adult with attention and sensory needs of my own (more on that at the end of this post), I thought I’d offer some suggestions for easy ways to provide accommodations for students with similar issues. These aren’t cure-alls or magic potions, just little things that have worked both for me personally, as well […]

5 Random Thoughts on How To Survive Testing

surviving testing season

Can you smell the testing in the air? It’s a musky aroma of salty tears and panicked sweat, with a lingering note of burnt coffee. In theory, I’m a believer that standardized testing is an important component in ensuring accountability, measurability, all that jazz. That being said, it’s not like I actively ENJOY this time of year. I’M NOT INSANE. So, […]

Messy classrooms are where the magic happens

Messy classroom magic

Messy classrooms are where the magic happens. Life isn’t always laminated {read more about that here} and real classrooms don’t always look Pinterest-perfect. That’s ok. It’s more than ok – it’s great. Gluesticks on the floor are a sign of hands-on learning. Seemingly chaotic clamor? Sounds like cooperative learning to me. A little on-task commotion is good […]

4th Grade Math Centers


My 4th Grade Math Centers Bundle is complete and I wanted to share some pictures of a few of the games, activities, and task cards included. This bundle includes a center for EACH and every 4th grade math Common Core standard. Although the 4th Grade Math Centers bundle is aligned to the CCSS, these skills […]

Equivalent Fractions Magic

Equivalent Fractions. ON THE MULTIPLICATION CHART. The first time I ever saw {this image} I just about died. I MEAN. How many times have I looked at the multiplication chart??? MANY. How many times did I figure out that it showed equivalent fractions??? ZERO TIMES. MAGIC, MY FRIENDS. Well, not magic. MATH. But mathematical magic. […]

Teacher Fail Confessional

Teacher Fails

Teacher fail truth time. Today, I’m here to bring you 5 of my favorite face-palm moments. Why? Well, because I like to keep it real around here. Because teaching is messy. And because, truth be told, I’m the kind of gal who falls a little closer to the “charmingly disheveled” mark on the organizational spectrum than […]


dip monday in glitter

Monday. Heavy sigh. On the list of my favorite things, Mondays typically fall somewhere between getting my hair stuck in a zipper and being forced to use my pocket internet device to make a cellular call (shudder). You can practically hear the collective groan of the workforce as we climb into our cars to make the commute, […]

Teacher Humor: Hiding under desks & other nonsense

teaching real talk

Teaching is a fraternal profession. I mean, there’s just a sort of unspoken understanding you share with other people who are locked in a room full of children every day. We’re like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Pockets Full of Confiscated Treasures. So we have our own brand of teacher humor – there are certain […]

Free Valentine’s Day Card Round-Up

free valentine's day card round up

I’m weirdly picky about the valentines I pass out to a room full of 8 year olds. Mainly, they can’t say anything that, taken out of context, would get me arrested. I mean, dude. Valentine’s Day cards are seriously creepy. Take these Star Wars themed cards on eBay for example. I mean, I know Darth […]