Be a Bucket Filler

Be a Bucket Filler

Encourage each of your students to be a “bucket filler”! I originally posted this on the Collaborative blog All Things Upper Elementary a couple of years ago. It was written during March, but bucket filling is an amazing tool to use from Day 1 of the school year – or at any point when you […]


dip monday in glitter

Monday. Heavy sigh. On the list of my favorite things, Mondays typically fall somewhere between getting my hair stuck in a zipper and being forced to use my pocket internet device to make a cellular call (shudder). You can practically hear the collective groan of the workforce as we climb into our cars to make the commute, […]

5 Ways to Build Character During the Holidays

5 ways to build character during the holidays

The holidays are full of opportunities to build character, reinforce community, and spread joy. Here are 5 ways to help students focus on giving rather than getting during the holiday season. 1. Holiday Coupon Books Have students choose an important person who they want to give a gift to. They will then create a book of coupons to give […]