Supporting Students With Attention and Sensory Needs

As an adult with attention and sensory needs of my own (more on that at the end of this post), I thought I’d offer some suggestions for easy ways to provide accommodations for students with similar issues. These aren’t cure-alls or magic potions, just little things that have worked both for me personally, as well […]

Messy classrooms are where the magic happens

Messy classroom magic

Messy classrooms are where the magic happens. Life isn’t always laminated {read more about that here} and real classrooms don’t always look Pinterest-perfect. That’s ok. It’s more than ok – it’s great. Gluesticks on the floor are a sign of hands-on learning. Seemingly chaotic clamor? Sounds like cooperative learning to me. A little on-task commotion is good […]

Back to School Fun With Interactive Notebooks

Back to School Interactive Notebooks

I know it’s summer, so don’t hate me for thinking about back to school already. But thinking months ahead is – ahem – not my strong suit, so whenever I get an idea that I like this far in advance, I have to roll with it. If you read my blog or follow my TpT store, you […]