Throwback Thursday!

Today I’m linking up with Cara from First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday! (Side note, did you know she ALSO has a cooking blog?!?! Get there immediately. Your tastebuds will thank you.) Some of you may already be back at school, and some of you may be getting ready still. Either way, one of the […]

DIY Monthly Reading Calendars

As with most of my great teaching ideas, this one started out with, “Oh shoot, I forgot to….” This time, I forgot to make copies of my kids’ monthly, at-home reading calendars. I don’t know, maybe because I forgot that even though it’s June, there is still pretty much an ENTIRE month left of school. […]

Team Turner Time! {Promoting Positive Behavior with Elapsed Time}

Over the years, I’ve used many different management techniques in my classroom. Some worked wonders and others…..others did not. But there is one piece of my management repertoire that has remained the same since my very first day of teaching.   TEAM TURNER TIME! As a way to reward teamwork, promote classroom community, and provide whole-class incentives, […]