Multiplying by Multiples of 10 {3.NBT.3} – Ditch the Tricks!

I started a new math group this week! What does that mean? It means I have 8 third graders who are just beginning to learn the joys of interactive notebooks. 😀 I wanted to share what we are doing right now to work on CCSS 3.NBT.3 – Multiply one-digit whole numbers by two-digit multiples of […]

New Interactive Notebook Resources – and a Chance to WIN Them!

  I’m still hard at work on my Interactive Notebook Resources and wanted to share my latest creations with you!  First up, I finished my 3rd Grade INB BUNDLE! This resource is a monster – don’t worry, it’s the friendly kind that will make math more fun. There are flippable, flappable, foldable activities for all 25 […]