FREE Math Interactive Notebook Labels

Hi, my name’s Blair and I am officially an INB addict. Seriously, I’ve become consumed with thinking up new goodies that I can put in my 3rd Grade notebooks. If it’s this fun for me, I can’t wait to see what the kids think! I just finished two new sets for standards 3.OA.2 and 3.OA.3. You […]

Interactive Notebook Activities – Sneak Peek!

Do you ever run the dishwater because the dishes “didn’t really get clean” the first time? But really, you just don’t want to unload them? I totally did that today. I DID have a good excuse though – I was eyeballs deep in planning my interactive notebooks….dishes? Pshhh. Can’t be bothered. A while ago, I shared […]

Foldable Fun with Multiplication Facts

If you love Pinterest as much as I do, you’ve seen all the pictures of amazing foldables, flappables, flippables, flippy-flappies, flappy-floppies…and so on. I’ve started to get into the spirt of the fold myself, and recently used some foldable fun to hook my students into studying their multiplication facts.     First, I had students identify their […]